Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A New Bread from Europe

Late last year I visited England where the situation with gluten free goods has always been ahead of the USA market. The bread this time was a major improvement to the normal gluten free bread - whether home made or purchased. Udi's did a much better job than most but the new one from Genius Gluten Free is truly remarkable.

For the first time there is a bread that is soft, and edible. The thin sliced white bread was able to made into sandwiches and eaten without any falling apart, in fact if acted just like 'normal' bread.

The problem seems to be the distribution. From the site is mentions several USA companies such as Wegmans and Whole Foods, plus Shoprite however I have yet to find it. The closest was a Genius by Glutino which was definitely not the one I had.

Here is the home site : Genius Gluten Free 
An image of the bread package - if you find it please let me know!!


  1. Just an update to this post - on the Genius FB page I mentioned the difficulty and confusion with getting the bread. Apparently Glutino makes the Genius bread to the taste of the American market. Seems that we might be able to get the word out and get them to test market the real thing in the USA.

  2. And another update - the bread is no longer available in the USA - Glutino dropped it. However they are looking at other ways to reach the American audience.